2021 Zone 3 Vision Womens Wetsuit

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The Zone 3 vision gives the swimmer a better body position due to an increase in buoyancy, combined with an upgraded panel design, it also offers good levels of flexibility.

Perfect wetsuit for swimmers who are looking for a mid-range wetsuit with good buoyancy and good flexibility.  

Key Features:

  • Free-Flex SCS shoulder panel featuring Yamamoto #39 neoprene
  • X-10 one-piece shoulder panel design extends across the chest and shoulders to give even more flexibility and stroke efficiency
  • B.R.E, Body Rotation Enhancement panel on the front chest to help maximise distance per stroke and body roll during the swim.
  • Men’s suit weight reduced by an outstanding 14% versus 2020 despite offering more buoyancy!
  • Use of 10 different materials to maximise performance, comfort and durability. 
  • Men’s suit featuring 5mm buoyancy panels on the torso and front legs as well as Aerodome on the hip panels to offer significant core support
  • Women’s suit utilising 3mm panels for a neutral buoyancy profile.
  • Full SCS or AQUA-X coating to minimise any drag and improve durability
  • High stretch and comfort fit linings for a more natural and comfortable swim • New premium graphics including black gloss and gunmetal finishes contrasting with contemporary colour contrasts
  • Pro Speed Arm and Leg cuffs making it one of the fastest suits in transition. 
  • Laser-cut collar

Wetsuit Sizing:

Wetsuit sizing is one of the hardest but most crucial parts of selecting the best wetsuit.  Getting the right sized wetsuit can be a trial-and-error process. For this reason, we advise trying on a range of different wetsuits in different sizes and different makes and models as the exact shape and size of a wetsuit can vary even between wetsuits from the same brand. Quite often the manufactures size guides don’t reflect the best size for you.

Try in-store:

If you would like to try on this wetsuit for sizing, please contact us and we can arrange a wetsuit fitting.