Inventor of the clipless pedal in 1984 and first carbon frame in 1986: innovation has always been at the heart of LOOK. Nowadays we could not imagine riding without clipless pedals but in 1985 when Bernard Hinault set off for the Tour de France the rest of the pack were still using toe clips. The performance from clipless pedal quickly became apparent with Hinault winning the Tour that year changing the way we use pedals forever.

One year later when Greg Lemond won the Tour de France riding on the first single piece carbon frame no one doubted that one day LOOK would become one of the most desirable brands worldwide. LOOK has remained an independent company, with a head office in Nevers, France, where all the design, development and production of bikes and pedals takes place. LOOK is a company driven by dedication and true passion for continuous development and innovation. This passion results in over 250 patents created in the last 10 years in order to deliver state of the art bikes and pedals with comfort and performance at their hearts.