Huub Aegis Thermal III Mens Wetsuit

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The Aegis Thermal is the perfect wetsuit for swimming in cold waters. With the combination of high-quality neoprenes found in the aegis ||| and a unique thermal lining resulting in the ultimate cold water swimming experience.

All wetsuits purchased £299+ will receive FREE Total Endurance Swim Cap and 30 minutes of 121 swim coaching.

We have a range of demo wetsuits available to try in-store here at Total Endurance, using our Endless Pool 

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Our Aegis III Wetsuit in its unique thermal guise. A marriage of our best-selling suit with a thermal lining designed to be warm and smooth to the skin, resulting in the ultimate cold water swimming wetsuit.

  • Thermal lined.
  • HUUB exclusive X-0 Skeleton™ for superior body alignment and stroke efficiency.
  • Superior panel patterns for Rotational Freedom™ and ease of stroke.
  • Select neoprene panels and linings to optimise materials modulus.
  • Breakaway Zipper™ delivering the fastest transition.
  • Exclusive HUUB 3:5 buoyancy.

The Aegis was HUUB’s first mid-range wetsuit family to take inspiration and key features from top-end names such as Aerious and Archimedes, making it a best seller - always offering both performance and value for money, and therefore commanding the market at that price point.

The Aegis III range is loaded with exclusive HUUB technologies - the X-O Skeleton™ for exceptional alignment and stroke efficiency, superior panel patterns offer Rotational Freedom™ and ease of stroke, plus a Breakaway Zipper™ delivering the fastest transition.

Our Aegis III Thermal presents the opportunity to race and train in colder temperatures while maintaining the HUUB non-wetsuit feel. It is perfect for extreme triathlon events such as Norseman and Alaskaman. If you are racing to the extremes, make sure your equipment can deliver!