S2 Saddles

If you are looking for a saddle that is comfortable and allows you to ride pain free. The ID match takes some of the guess work out of finding a saddle and with the comfort guarantee allows you to use the saddle and if it's not the solution you can swap the saddle instead of having to buy lots of different saddles that don't reduce / solve your problems.

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Selle Italia comfort guarantee best most comfortable Saddle fitting


If you have a smaller hip width, your sit bones will be slightly further apart meaning, you'll want to get a saddle that has a slightly smaller sitting width.

S saddles have a sitting width from 131mm to a maximum of 136mm,  S2 have a minimum size centre cut and are suitable for cyclists with an average pelvic rotation and who produce pressure and friction while pedalling



Selle Italia 30 day comfort guarantee with every saddle to ensure you get the most comfortable saddle for your bike

All saddles come with a 30-day comfort guarantee allowing you to ride with the saddle for 30-days and give you the option to exchange the saddle for an alternative saddle if you are still experiencing issues.  

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