Swimming / Triathlon Wetsuits

Trying to identify the best wetsuit for your Open Water / Triathlon training and racing can be quite difficult will a full range of different wetsuits and huge difference between prices and buzz words to describe the technologies used.

If you are new to Open Water / Swimming the price might be the key factor in choosing which suit to get. While this might make sense as you don't want to spend too much on your 1st swimming wetsuit. However, going for the most basic of wetsuits can often inhibit your swimming as these suits are usually made with lower grades of neoprene which don't offer the same flexibility as a suit that uses slightly better grades of neoprene. 

We offer the ability try on a range of different wetsuit models and sizes to identify the optimal suit for you.

See below image of the different wetsuits and how the compare in price. 

Womans Triathlon Wetsuits
Each wetsuit has varying blends of buoyancy and flexibility to help get the most out of your stroke in open water.
If you tend to find your legs sink when swimming you 
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