If you are relatively fit this scenario can be even more frustrating that despite being able run mile after mile or ride your bike for long periods without much effort. Yet, here you are unable to swim 1 length of the pool without having to ensure your will is up to date (and we won’t mention the small kids that seem to glide passed you seemingly effortlessly)


If the above describes you and your swimming, we can help you! Or if you’re too scared to even go the pool then let us help you take the next step.


We are passionate about helping people just like you improve their swimming and have helped 1000s of swimmers go from being unable to put their head into the water to being able to swim confidently a range of distances including 10km Open water swims.   If others can learn how to swim, why can’t you?

Looking to learn how to improve your swimming to be able to swim comfortably and not be worried about the life guard jumping in to save you from what might resemble someone drowning.


Learning to swim as an adult can be a very difficult and not mention frustrating process.  

Did you know that ~31% of adults are unable to swim for 1 length of a 25m pool. 

Regardless of how bad you perceive your swimming to be, you are not alone in struggling to learn how to swim and often the fear of being the water prevents adults from being able to improve and many just avoid going to the pool.

If you manage to convince yourself to go to the swimming pool you push off the wall on your first length and after about 10m you begin to feel tired and the stroke starts to get hard and you feel your breathing rate escalate and you are being to flail, just as you are about to drown you reach the opposite end and grab the wall like your life depends on it and your lungs are burning and feels like you’ve just completed a marathon.

You look down to the other end of the pool that you’ve just come from and can’t believe how hard it felt for such a short distance.

Sound familiar?

How long do the sessions last?

When trying to improve your swimming its best to keep them relatively short to allow you to focus on 1-2 key things and avoid you getting exhausted and reducing the effectiveness of the session.

These sessions last 30 minutes each and can be booked as a single session or a block of 4. The block of 4 tend to works best as we will give you some key things you can work on in between sessions and normally suggest leaving 3-4 weeks between sessions to allow you to practice and we will progress the sessions as you progress.

Where do you do the sessions?

The sessions take place in our endless pool , inside our building in Bucksburn, Aberdeen, Scotland.

Do you do group coaching?

We can do 121, 1-2 swim coaching sessions so you can come on your own or with a friend. If you are interested in a group session, contact us in advance and we can advise the options available.

I’m nervous about being in the water, can you help me?

Being nervous is completely normal when learning a new skill. We will help you overcome your nerves and improve your confidence in the water.

 I have some more questions how can I contact you?

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Learn whats holding you back under the water

Meet our coaches - Kevin

The first thing you’ll notice with Kevin is his passion for helping you improve your swimming.

Kevin got into coaching initially to improve his own swimming and spent countless hours studying swimmers who were faster trying to identify what key things they were doing that he was missing. This has led him on a journey over the last 12 years working with all ranges of swimmers to help them improve their swimming by identifying the key areas that is holding each swimmer back and how to improve them.

His main focus has been on helping beginners not just improve their swimming but transform their enjoyment for being in the water.


Regardless of your swimming level and goals Kevin has the experience, knowledge and passion to help you improve.