Breast stroke to Front crawl swim coaching with progressive 6 week plan

If you're looking to transition from swimming breaststroke to front crawl but unsure how to make the initial step to allow you to continue swimming front crawl for more than a couple of strokes.

Our Breaststroke to front crawl improvement plan is designed to combine 121 swim coaching with an 8-week progressive plan to teach you everything you need to know to be comfortable swimming front crawl for extended periods.

These sessions are suitable for all levels of swimmers and during the 121 coaching sessions we will be able to answer any questions you might have about swimming.

Breaststroke to front crawl swimming

121 Swim Coaching

Go from breaststroke to front crawl with our swim improvement plans

4 x 30 minutes 121 swim coaching sessions

8 week progressive plan to give you some structured training to improve your swimming and allow you to develop good technique for swimming front crawl

Was £145

Now £100


Breathing is usually one of the key aspects that swimmers struggle with when trying to transition from breaststroke to front crawl.

Learning to relax in the water with good exhalation is key to swimming front crawl. Try the following exercise the next time you are in the pool.

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