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Finding the right sized wetsuit can be tricky as it varies from brand to brand and sizing can be different between models from the same brand.

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We stock a wide range of wetsuits from Zone 3 and Orca. This range of wetsuits allow you to try on differnt brands and models and find the wetsuit that fits your needs and budget

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Our staff are experts when it comes to helping you find the correct sized wetsuit and our fitting service allows you to try a range of wetsuits and we can advise on the suit that fits you best

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Highly recommend going to Total Endurance. I've used my wetsuit twice already and it's a total game changer for wild swimming. Thanks Calum for helping me choose the right one - Molly

Excellent knowledge and support when trying to find my first wetsuit. I had no idea about all the options to consider but Calum made it very easy. Thoroughly recommend! - Tina, Aberdeen

Find your Perfect fit with our in-store wetsuit fitting process

At Total Endurance, we understand the importance of a wellfitting wetsuit. that's why we highly recomend booking an appointment to come and try on various wetsuits to find the best fitting wetsuit for your needs and budget!

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We stock a wide range of open water swimming accessories from Gloves, swim booties, Neoprene caps, thermal base layers and tow floats

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Ion-store we have a wide range of goggles for open water, pool and different lens types for all lighting conditions.

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We have a good range of various swimming paddles to help build specific strength to your swim training as well as fins, kickboards and pull buoys


Still have questions?

Why is finding the perfect wetsuit size important for open water swimmers and triathletes?

Finding the right wetsuit size is crucial as it significantly impacts your performance and comfort in the water. A well-fitting wetsuit enhances your mobility, minimizes water resistance, and ensures optimal insulation for staying warm. Our experianced staff can help you find the right ftting wetsuit based on your needs and budget.

How can I determine my correct wetsuit size?

To find the perfect fit, we recommend trying on a range of wetsuits in different sizes, makes, and models. It's important to note that wetsuit sizes can vary even within the same brand, so rely on trying different suits rather than solely relying on the manufacturer's size guide.

Do more flexible wetsuits provide a tighter fit?

Yes, generally, more flexible wetsuits tend to have greater stretch, allowing for a snugger fit compared to less flexible suits. Remember, regardless of the price point, the fit of the wetsuit is more important than the suit's cost.

Why should a wetsuit feel tight when first putting it on?

A properly fitting wetsuit should feel snug when you first put it on. This tightness ensures a good seal around the neck, wrist, and ankles, preventing the constant influx of cold water. Many people mistakenly think they should go up a size if the suit feels tight, but a well-fitted suit will provide optimal insulation.

What are some common mistakes with wetsuit fitting?

One common mistake is not pulling up the wetsuit correctly, which can make it feel too small even if it's the right size. Properly adjusting the wetsuit ensures a comfortable and accurate fit.

Key size tips:

  • Use the manufacturer's size guide as a reference but consider the suit's flexibility. You may fall between sizes.
  • If your height and/or weight fall outside the size guide, find a compromise between the two.
  • Whenever possible, try the wetsuit on before making a purchase.

How to Put On Your Wetsuit for a Perfect Fit Every Time