1/2 day Swimming Workshops

1/2 day Swimming Workshops

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- Want to improve your swimming?

- Frustrated that you struggle to swim more than a couple of lengths without being exhausted?

- Want to know how you can improve your swim technique to swim faster and more efficiently?

With our 1/2 day Swimming Workshop we discuss swimming technique in depth and look at the common mistakes and how to correct them.

See what you are doing under the water and learn how to can fix your individual stroke flaws:

Following a discussion on swimming technique we will head to our endless pool and we will film each swimmer individually from above and below the water 

Following the workshop, everyone leaves with an individual action plan on what steps they need to take to improve their own swimming.

The workshops are all on a Saturday. 

26th October and 23rd November workshops will run from 13:00 - 17:00

The 7th December workshop is a combined swim and run workshop

See here for more information: https://shop.total-endurance.com/products/combined-swimming-and-running-workshop

The cost of the workshop is £50 and is limited to 6 people.