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Huub Aerious II Wetsuit

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Huub know the category of 'sinky legs' exists. In fact Huub recognise 85% of triathletes are not from a swim background.

Using research, science and reality to deliver a wetsuit that improves your speed through not only comfort and flexibility, but also by strategically placing the buoyancy where it adds benefit and isn’t detrimental to your swimming style and body make up. This we call 3:5; 3mm chest, 5mm legs.

If you reduce your frontal drag you will swim faster and more efficiently.

The HUUB Aerious 2 is the first suit focused solely on delivering a faster swim to the 85%*, no one else, just those who want to swim faster and get those legs higher in the water.


  • The fastest suit on the market for sinky legs - according to HUUB
  • Improved X-O Skeleton for extra buoyancy and stability
  • Super flexible and buoyant neoprene
  • 3:5 buoyancy to correct sinky legs
  • 13% modulus improvement
  • Speed cut ankles, breakaway zipper and extra stretch panels