Agent Apple Degreaser

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- Made in Britain 
- Utilizes citrus extract and plant based alcohol 
- Super strong
- Petrochemical free

- Can be poured back into the bottle and re-used more than twice.

Agent Apple was created because people asked us for an alcohol based degreaser for its power.

Secondly, we wanted to make a citrus degreaser without the petrochemicals and dirty smell, from sustainable ingredients.

Why degrease your chain and chain?
Layer upon layer of chain lube can build up into a mess. Pollution in the air can pollute your chain, and mud and road dirt can also make it dirty. A clean chain with oil can be over 99% efficient.

Agent Apple is also great for getting paint and grime off floors, cleaning door handles and other things too. It's strong, so may discolour non-metalic items, and damage carbon fibre. That's because it's strong.

How to use Agent Apple

1. Remove the chain or other item to be degreased and put into the pot or cut milk bottle for immersion.

2. Pour Agent Apple over the item to be degreased, immersing it if possible. Be liberal, you can pour Agent Apple back into the bottle after!

Top Tip: If degreasing a chain, make it into the flattest spiral you can. 

3. Leave the item in Agent Apple for two hours. You can see it get to work within 10 minutes, breaking off grime.

4. Get a small old toothbrush and lightly scrub off any remaining bits of grime. 

5. Thoroughly rinse the chain or other item with water, or even clean with bike cleaner and water then leave to dry before putting back on your bike. A high powered tap is ideal. Go green and use rain water if you can!

6. Let the grime settle at the bottom of the container. Next, slowly pour from the top of the container into the Agent Apple Bottle, until only the black grime is left. The Agent Apple can be used.

7. Pour the black grime into an old bottle, and put in the non-recycling bin. If you've only been using Green Oil products on your bike, you can pour this black grime onto a compost heap - it will just contain biodegradable lube, road dirt and degreaser, so will biodegrade within 28 days.

How is Agent Apple green?

The Earth

- Agent Apple's formula is plant based, and biodegradable. 
- Although not recycled, the bottle is easily recyclable. You can even return it to us for cash.
- Agent Apple is totally biodegradable after its life on your bike. It is hazardous due to the d-limonene and alcohol content, but evapourates quickly, and is only harmful to the environment if poured straight into a river with fish in. It disperses and biodegrades, and further, it is re-useable.

The name is inspired by Agent Orange - the nick name for a very nasty chemical used to clear jungle, which has a hugely negative health affect on people and the environment even today. Agent Apple conversely is environmentally friendly, and clears grime and grease instead of forests! Its like Agent Orange's eco friendly little cousin, and does good.

Recycling information

Green Oil UK Limited will pay you 20p in cash for your old Agent Apple degreaser bottle at selected trade shows. Selected retailers will refill your bottle for a 10p discount. This concept is widespread in most countries where deposit bottles are used for beer and other drinks. 
See us at the next trade show for your 20p in cash, or bring 5 empty bottles for a free Green Oil gift!

You can of course recycle your Agent Apple bottle. The whole thing is aluminium except a little bit of sponge in the cap which can be taken out easily with a knife. The label is polypropylene and will burn away cleanly when the bottle is melted for recycling.