Arch Max Belt Pro Trail

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6-pocket Belt Pro Trail Grey ARCh MAX

The ARCh MAX Belt Pro Trail has been designed to be able to carry Trail Poles, as well as smaller items, such as keys, a mobile phone and/or a 300ml Soft Flask.

It is made of ultra-lightweight Lycra and is reversible, so you have a different colour on each side. 

6 pockets allow you to store your items when you are running.

The Pro Trail Belt is offered in 4 sizes: XS, S (suitable for clothing size S-M), L (suitable for clothing size L-XL) and 2XL.

It has 2 carry-bands on the back, designed with a silicone finish on the interior to prevent the poles moving horizontally.

In addition you can wear it carrying an ARCh MAX 300ml Soft Flask.