Arch Max Hydration Vest 8L Pink
HV-8 Ultra Pink side
Arch Max Hydration Vest 8L Pink side
Arch Max Hydration Vest 8L Pink Rear

Arch Max Hydration Vest 8L Pink

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-Weight 150 gr 
-breathable and Extralight 
-Carrying Capacity 8.0 L. 
-perfect Adaptation to Anatomy 
-belt shape superadaptable to each body 
-ergonomic Pockets 
-handles for easy opening of all pockets 

-3x Quick Buckle Closing heights, clamping 100% Adjustable. 
-2x high-capacity "ergonomic" Bottom front pockets 
-2X "ergonomic" top front pockets to hold bottles up to 0.5 L. 
-2x Upper Extra pockets
-safety whistle 

-1x rear top pocket with safety latch 
-1x "ergonomic" Bottom back pocket 
-Reflective Strip

Arch Max Hydration Vest


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