Bike Maintenance Class(on ZOOM): Road Side Maintenance & What's in your saddle bag?

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Bike Maintenance Class: Road Side Maintenance & What's in your saddle bag?

Do you want to learn how to fix your bike if you have a mechanical on a ride and some bike care after your ride?

What tools do you carry on a ride?

Johny from Total Endurance will be holding a Road Side bike maintenance class on ZOOM. The class focuses on road, gravel, TT and TRI bikes.

Johny will be Covering the following on this Zoom maintenance class:

-How to fix a puncture, including removing your wheel, un-mounting a tyre, re-mounting the tyre, fixing a tube, replacing a tube and repairing a damaged side wall.

-How to fix a snapped chain.

-Quick gear adjustments, if you find your gears slightly out of index during a ride.

-Tools to carry.

-Spares to carry.

-Lubing chains & Drivetrain care.

-Cleaning bikes.

The Workshop is free and a link to the Zoom session will be sent out on the morning of the workshop. 

To sign up, just add the item to your basket and go through checkout and you'll be able to order your place.

If you have any questions you'd like to ask about the topic please send them to in advance of the workshop.