2021 Zone 3 Vanquish Mens Wetsuit ML

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Size Guide

The Zone 3 Vanquish combines high levels of buoyancy with a one-piece panel design in the shoulders and chest gives the wetsuit great flexibility, with quick release cuffs on the wrist and ankles helps this suit come off quickly for faster transitions

The Vanquish is a perfect wetsuit for swimmers who want high levels of flexibility and help to lift their legs higher in the water.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-thin laser bonded neck panel and innovative new 1.5mm moulded collar.
  • Sensory Catch Panel.
  • Silk-Fit inner lining used on the body and legs.
  • Our trademark Pro Speed CuffsTMon the arms and the legs.
  • YKK Zipper.
  • Contemporary neon colours and detailing.

Wetsuit Sizing:

Wetsuit sizing is one of the hardest but most crucial parts of selecting the best wetsuit.  Getting the right sized wetsuit can be a trial-and-error process. For this reason, we advise trying on a range of different wetsuits in different sizes and different makes and models as the exact shape and size of a wetsuit can vary even between wetsuits from the same brand. Quite often the manufactures size guides don’t reflect the best size for you.

Try in-store:

If you would like to try on this wetsuit for sizing, please contact us and we can arrange a wetsuit fitting.


Men’s Zone3 Vanquish Wetsuit:

Industry awards:

Triathlete Magazine USA: Best in Class 2017

220 Triathlon: Best on Test, 94% Rating. 2017

Triathlete Plus: Gold Award – 5/5 Rating. 2017

220 Triathlon: Best Value – 2018.

What makes this product different:

  • Proclaimed as Zone3’s best ever wetsuit with unbeatable performance.
  • Designed to feel like you’re not wearing a wetsuit. New panel layout to ensure even better body contouring and fit.
  • Unparalleled flexibility through the shoulders, arms, chest and back with a full-span 1.5mm Yamamoto #40 SCS neoprene.
  • New ultra-thin 0.3mm BRS SCS material on arms for lighter weight and reduced arm fatigue.
  • Incredibly flexible and buoyant. Super fast and smooth in the water.
  • Panel design, materials and innovative features result in an incredible swim which doesn’t compare to any other wetsuit on the market.
  • Plethora of design awards based on performance, comfort, innovation and price.
  • Every suit comes with an exclusive Vanquish Dry Bag.