Moray Firth Triathlon Club - Swim Workshop

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Swim Workshop - Saturday 4th February 2023 - 09:00 - 13:00

Join us on Saturday 4th February for our 1/2 day swim workshop.

The workshop is a perfect blend of swimming theory and practical and suitable for all levels of swimmer / Triathlete.  

The workshop starts with some group discussions around swim technique and chatting through the perceptions of what is 'good' swim technique, during this talk we look at different swim styles and why all of them can be effective and how you can find what works best for you.  Following the discussion we head to the pool and we capture some video of you swimming from above and below the water.  

Following the videos we go into detail of your swimming and highlight the key areas that are holding you back and how to correct them.

Following the analysis we help you create an action plan to improve your swimming.  During the workshop there will be plenty opportunities to ask questions about swimming and get advice on how to structure your training.