Northwave Custom Performance Footbed

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The Northwave Performance Custom Footbed, developed through BioMap biometrical analysis, is the answer to the needs of comfort and more power to the pedals of all cyclists. It is also effective for professionals who require more efficient support of the foot during hard workouts.

Customized Heel Support. Each sole of the foot has it's own conformation (regular, hollow or flat) to which the shoe is often unable to provide a perfect fit at the expense of performance. The new Northwave footbed adapts to each type of foot thanks to the set of 3 interchangeable injected arch supports, each made with different compounds featuring different densities that allow to customize the fit and the arch support to meet the needs of every rider.

The perforations of the sole are strategically positioned to coincide with the vents of most Northwave soles, in order to provide a better aeration of the entire foot
Special Foam with Activated Charcoal
Open cell foam which, unlike traditional insoles, ensures maximum breathability and excellent moisture absorption. Extremely comfortable and highly effective in dampening vibrations, this foam is added with active charcoal which confers anti-odour and anti-bacterial properties
Foot Support
The anatomical shape is designed to provide even more accurate ergonomics especially in the forefoot area, the main area dedicated to pushing the pedals
Shock Absorbing Pad
A special shock absorbing pad placed in the heel area provides additional impact protection to the benefit of increased comfort
Rigid compound to provide maximum support for hollow feet
Intermediate support compound, suitable for regular feet
Soft compound for flat feet