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Orca Racing Socks

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Maximum performance meets extreme lightness in the form of our Compression Ultra Light Race Sock. An elastic compression band positioned on the plantar arch activates blood circulation, postural reinforcment and provides optimal arch support. Combined with a ventilation zone that provides more comfort breathability and flexibility. Adding these two exclusive technologies with our already existing compression technology, the result is a dynamic, elastic sock with high elasticity, that is also ultra light, thin and with maximum ventilation.





Large surfaces of semi-transparent mesh ensure maximum ventilation of the foot and ankle during racing and keep your feet light, dry and cool throughout.




Ultra fine and light with a weight of just 12 grams, these socks are easy to put on and so light you forget you're wearing them!




The patented sock fibres minimize vibration and micro muscle injury and so helps protect against pain and injuries. While the built-in silver ions in the fabric naturally reduce odour and the chances of blisters.




3D dots on the sole of the sock ensure maximum stability and limit movement of the foot within the shoe reducing chances of ankle injury.