Selle Italia Man Gel Manganese Flow Saddle
Selle Italia Man Gel Manganese Flow Saddle

Selle Italia Man Gel Manganese Flow Saddle

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The Selle Italia Man Gel Flow has a Gel Flow 'anatomic cutout' giving the saddle the necessary comfort, allowing more flexibility in the front area of the shell: this is combined with a Silicone gel insert that absorbs all road vibrations.


 Weight: 315 g 
 Rail: Manganese Tube Ø7 mm 
 Dimensions: 151x275 mm 
 Category: Gran Turismo 


Extra Padding

Increased padding to ensure durable riding positioning for long distances and provides the rider with protection against skin inflammation.


Technical microfiber cover material that guarantees a strong and durable lifetime at a very low weight.

Gel Flow

The special Gel Flow anatomic cut-out provides excellent comfort to “soft tissue” areas by offering greater flexibility at the front of the saddle. Combined with a thin layer of silicon gel it absorbs all road vibrations.

Manganese Rail

Tubular structure in Cromoly and Manganese alloy. Light and flexible at the same time, ø 7 mm.

Shock Absorber
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