Tera Gravel Silver Frameset

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The Basso TERA Gravel bike takes the best elements of Aluminium and Carbon and blends them into a super comfortable and hugely capable adventure bike. Get out and explore your world.

Basso Tera Gravel Frameset : Silver






The new Basso Tera is the first mixed-material, semi-suspension, performance-oriented Gravel solution on the market. By taking the best properties of not one, but two materials Basso have created a better way to explore the wider trails while keeping pricing sensible. A stunning raw aluminium frame is complimented by a carbon fork and a unique carbon rear-triangle suspension system.

The Tera is the ultimate trekking and gravel bike with several features that lend themselves perfectly to all-day exploring, bike-packing or simply broadening your cycling horizons by providing the opportunity to take things off the tarmac. Internally routed cables provide not only clean aesthetics but protection from the elements and the Tera is compatible with both 1x and 2x groupsets so you can use it for the long commutes as well as the wildest of gravel rides.

As you would expect from a well conceived gravel bike, the Basso Tera features plenty of versatile mounting options. 4 bottle cage mounting positions mean you can personalise and customise your adventure and bike ride to your requirements - All day in the saddle in the heat - bolt 4 bottles on. Alternatively, if you're stopping regularly on an epic adventure, swap out a bottle for a bag. The specifically designed frame shape allows you to carry multiple bags throughout the frame, on the seat post and across the handlebars meaning you can be out for days and carry everything you need. Tyre clearance is high too and you can happily mount a 45mm tyre on a 700c wheel for a hugely capable ride.

The stand-out feature of the Tera though is the carbon rear triangle which provides a unique, fixed-pivot suspension solution. Basso was among the first to research, develop and employ carbon in its frames. By not only building with carbon but researching new methods and techniques to continually improve performance, reliability and durability; Basso is as competitive as much larger brands on the market and rides like only a Basso can. The carbon layup has been studied to ensure an extremely reliable structure that is both vertically compliant yet laterally efficient and reactive when riding in order to deliver maximum power output at full pace while offering a level of comfort unrivalled at the price. The forks also benefit from the same high level of attention to detail and are derived from Basso's Palta gravel platform. They work with the rear triangle of the bike to provide a sensible level of suspension and comfort while creating stiffness without the power loss associated with suspension forks.

The Tera has been built to be as versatile as possible, ready for anything you throw at it. Whether riding through the city or taking on the most demanding of gravel and trekking adventures, the unique suspension design but can handle it all.

Remarkably - considering the 100% Made in Italy construction - the Tera delivers a ride and performance that belie the price point. Most gravel bikes at this price are simple aluminium affairs, constructed en masse in the far-east and while they are no doubt competent, few - if any - deliver the tech and quality that Basso have with the Tera; they certainly do not have the bragging rights that come from being handmade in Italy.
Basso are rare.