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Torq Energy Chew

Torq Energy Chew

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TORQ Chews are deliberately chewy, because we believe that the key to successful fuelling is all about variety. The formulation has been optimised with 2:1 Glucose-Derivatives:Fructose, so that it will provide the fastest possible delivery of carbohydrate once in the intestine. Also, as we are all individuals, we believe it is important to produce products that allow our customers to consume these optimised carbohydrate doses in different and interesting ways. Each TORQ Chew contains 30 grams of multiple-transportable carbohydrates (1 TORQ Unit) and forms part of the TORQ Fuelling System. Therefore, the TORQ Chews can be used alongside TORQ’s energy drinks, gels and bars to fuel optimal performance. 

The TORQ Fuelling System suggests consuming 2-3 TORQ Units per hour by taking on board our energy drink (TORQ Energy) along with the other more concentrated TORQ Units displayed in the table below, of which the TORQ Chew is one. The higher your perspiration rates, the more TORQ Energy you will need to consume relative to our concentrated fuelling units and when perspiration rates are lower, more concentrated TORQ Units should be consumed and less energy drink. The choice of which concentrated TORQ Units to consume is entirely yours. TORQ Chew, TORQ Bar and TORQ Gel are all optimised with multiple-transportable carbohydrates, so the only difference between them is the texture; Chewy, Soft or Smooth.

Product Usage

The TORQ Fuelling System area of this website clearly explains how TORQ Chew works alongside TORQ’s other fuelling products (TORQ Energy, TORQ Bar and TORQ Gel). TORQ Chew has been formulated to be deliberately chewy with a consistency similar to chewy confectionary and the flavours are delightfully punchy. In cooler weather, we strongly suggest keeping TORQ Chews in a pocket next to the body to ensure a good consistency, because they are temperature-sensitive. It needs to be noted that here is no quicker way to consume 30 grams of carbohydrate (1 TORQ Unit) than via our TORQ Gel. For this reason, we don’t recommend using TORQ Chew or TORQ Bar during high intensity racing or training when heavy breathing makes consuming them difficult. For these reasons, we advise combining TORQ Energy Drink with TORQ Energy Gels during higher intensity racing and factor in TORQ Bars and TORQ Chews over the longer distances/lower intensities for variety. Of course, the beauty of the TORQ Fuelling System is that the choice is yours and we accept that everyone has different preferences. As the table above indicates, we describe the texture of the TORQ Chew as CHEWY.

Technical Information

Multiple-Transportable Carbohydrates:

TORQ Chew utilises a 2:1 blend of glucose-derivatives and fructose founded on a now substantial body of peer-reviewed published research (see bottom of this page for details). We analysed the concentrations of glucose and fructose within the natural organic ingredients we sourced for this project. We then produced a product with a precise 2:1 ratio of glucose-derivatives:Fructose, which means that the TORQ Chew benefits from exactly the same optimal carbohydrate delivery utilised in TORQ’s other 2:1 products. This dual-delivery carbohydrate formulation has been proven beyond doubt to supply energy faster than any other combination of carbohydrates or single carbohydrate source formulations. Take a look at the two very short movie clips below. These demonstrate how 2:1 Glucose-Derivatives:Fructose deliver over 40% more carbohydrate to the blood per hour than single glucose sources (the next best option).


The concentrated nature of TORQ Chew pitches its tonicity firmly in the hypertonic zone, meaning that the product has been optimised to prioritise fuel delivery over fluid supply. This, in combination with the unique integration of multiple-transportable carbohydrates (as explained above), makes TORQ Chew the highest performing energy chew on the market today. The TORQ Fuelling System outlines how TORQ Chews should be used in combination with our other fuelling products, so please take the time to read this section of the website. Click HERE if you haven’t done so already. TORQ Chew will not satisfy your hydration requirements, so it is vital that you use this product in conjunction with TORQ Energy or TORQ Hypotonic to ensure optimal physical performance. As the TORQ Fuelling System confirms, there may be high perspiration situations, where the intake of TORQ Chew units should be limited in favour of TORQ Energy consumption, to address the body’s fluid and electrolyte requirements. On the other hand, in low perspiration environments, TORQ Chew and our other concentrated TORQ Units (TORQ Gel and TORQ Bar) should represent a more significant proportion of your fuel intake. As long as the 2-3 TORQ Units per hour are maintained in every scenario, fuelling will be optimal, you just need to drink more of your fuelling units if perspiration rates are high and less when lower. TORQ do produce a hypotonic product, which prioritises fluid delivery over fuel supply and not surprisingly it’s called TORQ Hypotonic. This product has ultimately been designed for situations where perspiration rates are exceptionally high and fuel delivery is less important (high perspiration rates during sessions lasting less than 1 hour), but it can be used as part of the TORQ Fuelling System for longer duration efforts, it just necessitates a higher consumption of TORQ Gel, Bar or Chew TORQ Units than would be necessary if using TORQ Energy as a hydration source.

Organic and Cold-Pressed:

TORQ Chew is cold-pressed from just 4 Soil Association Certified Organic ingredients. These raw ingredients are cold-pressed together to form the TORQ Chew without the need to cook or bake. This innovative product could not be more natural.

No Flavours and No Colours:

Under exercise stress, digestion is affected, as blood is diverted to the working muscles. Therefore any solutes which are added to a product will raise its osmolality unnecessarily and in turn make it harder to digest. So, irrespective of the health debate surrounding the consumption of artificial ingredients, during exercise is certainly not the time to take them. Therefore, no flavouring is added to TORQ Chew (we just utilise the natural flavours already present in the ingredients) and we don’t use colours (artificial or natural), because they simply don’t need to be in the product.

No Artificial Sweeteners:

For the same reasons as highlighted above, we don’t believe in the use of artificial sweeteners like Aspatame, Acsulfame-K, Saccharine and Sucralose. These artificial sweeteners are 100’s of times sweeter than sugar and Aspartame/Acsulfame-K are particularly controversial with regard to long-term health. They offer no performance benefit at all and our stance is the same with these as with colours and preservatives – if they don’t need to be included in our formulations for functional reasons, why include them?

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