Zone 3 Valour Mens Wetsuit ST

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The Valour wetsuit is a great wetsuit for Triathlon or Open Water Swimming. It comes in at a very appealing price point and has a number of features you would typically find in Zone 3 higher-end wetsuits.




Men's Valour Wetsuit

What makes this suit different:

  • A fast and performance focused entry level or training suit.
  • Perfect for those new to triathlon or open water swimming.
  • High Stretch 1.5mm neoprene in the shoulders and arms gives you full range of motion for an unrestricted swim stroke.
  • 4mm Core Support Buoyancy Panels aid with improved leg and hip position in the water.
  • SpeedFlo neoprene minimises drag and increases your speed through the water.
  • Zone3 Pro-Speed Cuffs on the wrist and ankles help increase the speed of removal and conserve energy.


Choosing your first wetsuit can feel as daunting as it can expensive, that’s why Zone3 created the Valour. The perfect mix of flexibility and buoyancy, whilst being very affordable. The 4mm buoyancy panels through the legs and core help to keep the body streamlined in the water to increase endurance and help improve swim technique and speed. The thin, high-stretch shoulder and arm panels allow great flexibility through your stroke to maximise the distance achieved with each arm pull. Perfect for anybody getting into open water swimming whether that be for racing or recreational use.

Key features:


The innovative “Extreme Flex” inner lining material offers excellent flexibility around the shoulders and arms for a comfortable and energy efficient swim. This gives you the ability to move and use your full range of motion and glide freely through the water, conserving energy and reducing fatigue.

Improved Body Position

The 4mm Core Support Buoyancy Panels in the Valour suit improve the position of your legs and hips in the water, helping you achieve a more streamlined and efficient position, which will reduce drag and fatigue during your swim.

Fast & Durable

Made from a mix of advanced SpeedFlo and Smoothskin neoprene to enhance speed through the water and to increase durability.

Fast Transitions

There’s nothing worse than losing all of those wetsuit gains in transition! A high-quality YKK downwards zipper, combined with our trademark silicone coated Pro-Speed Cuffs on the wrist and ankles help increase the speed of removal, saving time and conserving energy before the bike.


The Valour features a low neckline and excellent fit, as well as fully stitched and glue bonded seams throughout, making it one of the most comfortable entry level wetsuits available.