Zone3 100% Natural Anti-Chafing Protective Balm 60ML

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Developed in collaboration with experienced runners, cyclists and swimmers, the easy to use balm helps to prevent chafing, inflammation and relieves irritation. It is particularly effective in relieving skin problems caused by friction, such as blisters, skin burns and dehydration. The careful selection of ingredients combines to offer maximum comfort to the user.

About this item

  • 100% NATURAL, ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Made with ingredients like shea butter, carnauba wax and vitamin E, our balm is great for all skin types and for sensitve skin. Our chaffing balm will not clog skin and naturally repells sweat to regulate your body temperature.
  • STOPS CHAFFING: No more painful skin burns and irrittation caused by rubbing and friction! Once applied, the ingredients penetrate the skin and create an efficient, comfortable and transparent layer of protection against chaffing.
  • NA18UGLI107/60G
  • NA18UGLI107/60G
  • WATER RESISTANT: Our anti-chaffing balm's water resistant properties make it perfect for rubbing wetsuits and for hot humid conditions.
  • PERFECT FOR OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES & VACATION MUST HAVE: Not only is it great for use with wetsuits, trisuits and cycling chamois pads, it is the perfect companion for any outdoor activitiy such as hiking, running, walking, kayaking, surfing and daily activites. Great for men and women who wear shorts and want to avoid the dreaded chub rub skin irritation.
  • QUALITY GUARANTEED: Our products are made from high quality materials.100% money back guarantee! Our UK based customer service agents will address any questions or concerns you may have.