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TT / Tri Bike Fitting

Achieve Your Optimum Aero Position with Our TT/Triathlon Bike Fitting

Expert TT/Triathlon Bike Fitting for Maximum Efficiency & Comfort

Fitting a TT / Triathlon bike is more complex than a road bike as we look to find the optimal balance between aerodynamics and comfort.

As with a road bike fitting, we work with you and based on your unique biomechanics and cycling goals to get you in the optimal position for your target events

Whats the difference between a TT bike Fit and a Triahtlon bike Fit?

— TT Fitting —

The bike position for cyclists who focus on Time Trials is generally more aggressive as speed becomes more important than comfort and unlike in a Triathlon we don't need to factor in the ability to run afterwards

— Tri Bike Fitting —

The bike position for cyclists who focus on Triathlon needs to consider the requirement to be able to run well afterwards. Therefore, we need to ensure the hip angle doesn't become too closed at the top of the pedal stroke.

Finding the optimal position for you!

On a TT or tri bike you will be sitting further forward compared to your position on a road bike, this helps improve your aerodynamics, but it requires careful consideration of several factors to avoid knee problems and achieve your optimum position.

Our TT/Triathlon bike fitting service is designed to help you achieve the perfect balance between performance and comfort, customised to your individual biomechanics and target event.

Our bike fitter Ken, has fitted Commonwealth games competitors, Scottish TT record holders and ultradistance cyclists to their TT / Tri bikes and he stays true to the fact that every fit is unique and he will work with you to find the optimal position for you and your target events.

Crank lengths

Crank length is a hotly discussed topic in bike fitting, most bikes come with 170-172.5mm cranks and most people never consider changing it.

Here are some potential reasons why crank length is worthing considering:

  1. Reduced Hip Angle Closure: Shorter cranks decrease the maximum knee flexion during the pedal stroke, which can result in a less acute hip angle. This is particularly beneficial when in an aggressive aero position, as it can enhance comfort and reduce the risk of hip or lower back discomfort.

  2. Improved Cadence: Shorter cranks can facilitate a faster cadence because the leg doesn't have to move as far with each pedal stroke. This can help maintain a more efficient, smooth pedaling style, which is crucial during long triathlon events.

  3. Better Power Output: Some athletes find that shorter cranks allow them to apply power more consistently throughout the pedal stroke, particularly in a forward-leaning triathlon position, potentially improving overall efficiency and speed.

  4. Aero Position Optimisation: With shorter cranks, it may be easier to maintain a lower, more aerodynamic position without compromising pedal efficiency or causing muscle strain, thereby improving aerodynamics and performance over time.

The optimal crank length does vary from person to person and as part of the bike fit process we can disucss the benefit and issues with changing to longer or shorter cranks

 TT/Triathlon Bikefit Prices

Dynamic Bikefit - TT or Triathlon


Additional Bike (eg road and TT/Tri)

Add £65.00

TT / Tri Saddle Fitting

We stock a range of saddles for TT / Triathlon saddles and as part of a fitting we can discuss saddle options and we have some demo / test saddles available to try.

Triathlon Cycling shoes

In-store we have brands such as Fizik and Lake cycling shoes. We offer a shoe fitting service where can take measurements of your feet to ensure the correct size.

Looking for a new bike?

If you are currently looking for a new bike or looking to upgrade your current TT / Tri bike. Get in touch and we will be more than happy to chat through potential options.