Dynamic Bikefit TT/Tri Bike

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The process for fitting you on a TT or Triathlon bike is very similar to fitting on a road bike, but there are a number of different things to look at to ensure you have the correct position on you aero/tribars for optimum efficiency, comfort and aerodynamics.

On a TT or tri bike you will be sitting further forward compared to your position on a road bike. This opens up your hip angle and allows you to get your back and shoulders lower for optimum aerodynamics.  It also affects your handling and climbing ability and TT/Tri bike should not be used in group riding situations.

Sitting further forward closes your knee angle at the top of the pedal stroke so careful consideration has to be given to crank length and knee angle to avoid knee problems.

Just like on a road bike your final position will depend on your individual biomechanics and your target event.  If you are riding short time trials or track races your position will be different to somebody targeting long time trials or Ironman Triathlon where comfort is much more of an issue.  There is no point in having a super aero position if you cannot hold it for the duration of your event. It may be that a significant amount of time is required on the bike in training in order to adapt to your optimum position.

In addition to the steps in the road bike fit the aerobar extensions and armrests will be adjusted for height, angle, fore/aft position and width to optimise your position.


 TT/Triathlon Bikefit Prices

Dynamic Bikefit - TT or Triathlon


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Following your fit you will receive a report with your initial and final fit measurements, details of the changes made and any future recommendations. The report will also contain a link to allow you to view and download the videos and angle measurements taken during your session.