Physiological Testing at Total Endurance

Reach your Potential

Discover the power of physiological testing to enhance your cycling and running performance.

Maximize your Performance with VO2 Max testing  

Our VO2 max testing for cyclists and runners helps optimise training and performance. By measuring your maximum oxygen consumption, we can provide valuable insights into your unique physiology and allow you to determine accurate your Aerobic and Anaerobic Thresholds allowing you to set up accurate training zones to improve your training.

Accurate Aerobic and Anaerobic Thresholds

Accurate training zones based on pace, power and heart rate

Personalised training recomendations

Tailor your Endurance Fuelling strategy for Optimal Performance

Our Fat and Carbohydrate testing utilisation assessments helps athletes personalise their ideal fuelling strategy for the endurance events to ensure they consume sufficient fuel to hit peak peformance when it matters.

By understanding how much carbohydrates your body is using at different intensities allows you to plan a nutiriton plan thats based on science and not guess work.

Remove the guesswork for optimal fuelling strategies

Ensure your set up for success with personalised fuelling

Improve efficiency with Running Economy Testing

With our Running Economy Assessment you'll get a clear picture of one of the key metrics for endurance running success.

How efficienctly you can convert oxygen to mechanical work is usually the biggest difference between good endurance runners and those who tend to slow down as the distances increases.

Benefits of knowing Running Economy

  • Allows better understanding of where you should focus to improve
  • Can help improve your race performances if its a limiter

What data will you recieve

  • Detailed report explaining how your running economy compares and individual recomendations on how to improve it

Comprensive Assessment for Marathon and Ultra Runners and Triathletes

If your training for a marathon, Ultra event or long distance Triathlon, our Endurance assessment is a comprensive package that includes, VO2 max, Aerobic and Anaeorbic Threshold, Running economy, fats and carbohydrate utilisation testing and a detailed biomechancial analysis.

This assessment is for runners and triathletes who want to understand exactly what they can do to improve their performance


What tyoes of testing can i do?

We offer VO2 max Testing, Fat and carbohydrate utilisation testing, Running economy assessments to help you tailor your training and fuelling strategies

Who are the tests for?

All the tests are suitable for all levels of cyclists and runners who want to optimise their training and performance.

How long does the testing take?

The duration of the tests vary depending on which test you are looking to do. Most of them take around 1 hour from you arriving to everything being completed

Will i get copies of the testing data?

Yes, following the testing we compile a detailed report which explains the data and we provide recomended advice on what you can do to improve based on your target events.

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