Swim Coaching

Looking to improve your swimming?

We offer 121 swim coaching in our endless pool in Bucksburn, Aberdeen.

Our coaches can help you improve your swimming no matter what level you are at.  We have helped 100s of swimmers improve their swimming ranging from recreational swimmers to elite triathletes.

Swim Coaching above

Our swim coaching starts with a discussion around the perception of your current swim technique and identify what the goals are with your swimming.  We then progress into the pool and let you warm up while we observe your swim from a range of positions.

Swimming can be quite confusing with so many things to work on alongside being able to breathe

 If you’Mike Adams Hand entry re trying to improve your swimming it wouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that you have watched countless videos on you tube and read all the articles on how to become an efficient swimmer.  We find that many of these videos and articles can be full of too much info that it’s impossible to know what to work on.

Your legs sink, your heads too high, your heads too low, you need to rotate more, you need to rotate less, engage your core, exhale into the water, you’re not catching the water, you need to kick more, you need to kick less, your hand is crossing over, you’re lifting your head too much.....

We like to keep it as simple as possible and we have 3 main areas that you need to address to improve your swimming.

  1. Breathing
  2. Body position
  3. Propulsion

Following your 121 coaching session, you leave with a list of 2-3 key things to focus on and have a clear idea of how you can improve your technique.  Knowing what you need to focus on to improve often gives you great motivation to get to the pool to begin working on becoming a better swimmer.

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