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Amazing coach

I have had 2 lessons now and I am very impressed with the insight and advice. My swim stroke is improving, more efficient / slowing down.
Looking forward to continued improvement, worth every penny!

Brilliant Swim coaching

Thanks to Kevin I've improved way beyond my expectations. I'm now faster and more efficient in the water, it's a joy! I'm totally delighted and plan to have regular sessions next year. I've even bought my teenage son a course of sessions.

Beginner Swim Coaching FAQs

  • How long do the sessions last?

    When trying to improve your swimming its best to keep them relatively short to allow you to focus on 1-2 key things and avoid you getting exhausted and reducing the effectiveness of the session.

    These sessions last 30 minutes each and can be booked as a single session or a block of 4. The block of 4 tend to works best as we will give you some key things you can work on in between sessions and normally suggest leaving 3-4 weeks between sessions to allow you to practice and we will progress the sessions as you progress.

     Where do you do the sessions?

    The sessions take place in our endless pool , inside our building in Bucksburn, Aberdeen, Scotland.

    Do you do group coaching?

    We can do 121, 1-2 swim coaching sessions so you can come on your own or with a friend. If you are interested in a group session, contact us in advance and we can advise the options available.

     I’m nervous about being in the water, can you help me?

    Being nervous is completely normal when learning a new skill. We will help you overcome your nerves and improve your confidence in the water.

    How much does it cost?

    For 4 x 30 minutes the cost is £80.

Beginner Swim Coaching

Learning to swim as an adult can be quite difficult and not to mention frustrating process. If you are new to swimming but looking to build confidence in the water to be able to swim more than 1-2 lengths without feeling exhausted.

Our beginner 121 swim coaching sessions are specific to your requirements and the sessions progress at your pace. We have helped 100s of swimmers who started out being unable to swim a length of front crawl to becoming efficient swimmers able to swim anywhere up to 3800m for Ironman Triathlon events.

Regardless of your starting point and current swimming problems we will help you find a solution to improve your swimming.

Intermediate Swim Coaching

Is it time to take your swimming to the next level?

Intermediate Swim Coaching

If you can already swim but want help to improve your technique, speed and swim specific fitness our Intermediate 121 swim coaching sessions are perfect for you.

 If you’re trying to improve your swimming it wouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that you have watched countless videos on you tube and read all the articles on how to become an efficient swimmer. We find that many of these videos and articles can be full of too much info that it’s impossible to know what to work on.

Your legs sink, your heads too high, your heads too low, you need to rotate more, you need to rotate less, engage your core, exhale into the water, you’re not catching the water, you need to kick more, you need to kick less, your hand is crossing over, you’re lifting your head too much.....

We like to keep it as simple as possible and we have 3 main areas that you need to address to improve your swimming.

1. Breathing

2. Body position

3. Propulsion

Following your 121 coaching session, you leave with a list of 2-3 key things to focus on and have a clear idea of how you can improve your technique. Knowing what you need to focus on to improve often gives you great motivation to get to the pool to begin working on becoming a better swimmer.

We’d love to hear from you.

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Swim Video Analysis

If you are looking for more detailed in-depth help with your swimming, we offer swim video analysis sessions where we will take video of you swimming from above and below the water

These sessions are suited more for swimmers who are capable of swimming non-stop for a couple of minutes and looking to gain an understanding of what's holding them back and looking for help with how to improve their technique and have a detailed analysis of how to improve their swimming.