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"Ken, I am sure that the running techniques and drills you had us working on have contributed to my success as I have been consciously trying to integrate these into my training. The posture, cadence, footfall and hip mobility work has improved my technique and I will continue to build these into my day to day training. I now find when I begin to flag or feel heavy whilst running my first thoughts fall to your advice and by consciously working on just one or two of the things you showed us, it can lift my running and distract my mind to the more positive mind set of improving".

Transform Your Running Performance with Ken's advice and our advanced Biomechanical Run Analysis at Total Endurance Aberdeen. Ken uses his wealth of experience as an experienced marathon runner and coach for over 20 years.  U guidance for runners of all levels. Improve your technique and see tangible improvements in your running efficiency which will reduce injury risk and increase your love of running without the fear of injury niggles.

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If you are frustrated with your running and feel that you really should be able to run faster for the amount of effort you are putting in? Then our Biomechanical Run Analysis is for you!

Run coaching and analysis from Total Endurance

What can you expect at your Biomechanical Run Analysis?

Upon your arrival, we'll engage in a comprehensive discussion to understand your running journey better. This includes delving into the extent of your running activities, exploring any injuries or discomforts you might be experiencing, and examining the types of running shoes you currently use. We'll also talk about your training and racing history, as well as your future running ambitions. This detailed conversation aims to paint a clear picture of your past running experiences and aspirations, helping us tailor our approach to your unique needs and goals.

Run Analysis in Aberdeen for runners

Running biomechanical data and video analysis

We want to see what your running looks like before discussing or suggesting any changes.  Using 3 small pods that we fit to your shoes and hip, we capture a whole array of biomechanical data including;

  • Stride rate
  • Ground contact time
  • Footstrike type
  • Pronation angle and velocity
  • Symmetry
  • Flight ratio
  • Pelvic tilt, drop and rotation

We utilise advanced technology, including pod data, to obtain an in-depth understanding of your running dynamics. Additionally, we conduct a thorough video analysis from various angles – both sides, front, and rear – to gain a complete perspective of your running form. This includes detailed slow-motion footage focusing on specific elements of your running that warrant closer examination. This multi-faceted approach allows us to analyse and understand your running style in depth, enhancing the accuracy of our assessment and recommendations.

 Running biomechanical analysis for runners

The analysis process

  1. Following the initial conversation we get you onto the treadmill and give you sufficient time to warm up
  2. After you're suitably warmed up we will record you running for a few minutes at 3 different paces as we collect data and video.
  3. We will also ask you to perform some balance, strength and flexibility exercises. 
  4. From this point the process is very flexible depending on what we have seen to date, your own feedback and what the data tells us.  We will then chat through what we identify as they key factors that can be improved to see improvements in your running. 
  5. The advice will vary but we will discuses strength and conditioning / corrective exercises, run training advice around intervals and how to improve your current training methods.
  6. Following your session we will send you a detailed report which includes all the the stages of the analysis and gives you additional information on any  running drills and exercises we have discussed during the session.

How often should i come for a biomechanical analysis?

The Biomechanical Run Analysis at Total Endurance is flexible to suit individual needs. It can be a single session offering initial guidance for running improvement, or a series of sessions for ongoing analysis and monitoring of your progress. Each subsequent session includes a revised report, accounting for any changes in your running form and ensuring continuous advancement. This approach allows for a dynamic and responsive training plan, constantly adapted to your evolving running technique

What Should I Wear For My run Assessment?

For your run assessment it is best to wear running shorts and a light running tee shirt. The assessment does not include a lot of hard running but you are likely to run for approximately 15 minutes with a few minutes at about the pace you could maintain for ~10km 

Biomechanical Run Analysis Prices

Biomechanical Run Assessment and Report


Biomechanical Run Assessment with Run Economy Test and Report


Monthly Follow Up Sessions


Monthly Follow Up Sessions with Run Economy Test



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