Avoid hitting the wall with carbohydrate utilisation testing

Tailor your Fuelling strategy for Optimal Performance

We offer a test that can help you understand your training and race day fuelling requirements.

This advanced testing protocol provides critical insights into how your body utilises fuels during exercise, crucial for optimising performance and avoiding hitting the wall during endurance events.

Personalised fuelling requirements

Avoid hitting the wall in training and races

How much carbohydrates do you needto fuel your event?

If you're looking to understand your physiology better and gain an insight into some of the factors that you can work in improving to become a faster, more efficient runner. Assessing your Running economy can be one of key factors that either helps or hinders your running performance.

If you'd like to learn more about how the variation in running economy can be the key between runners, click the video where Kevin explains some of the running economy data from an Endurance running study we carried out last year.

Combine with VO2 max testing for even greater understanding of your unique physiology

You can combine the Energy substrate testing with our VO2 max testing for a complete assessment of your aerobic capacity and oxygen utilisation efficiency at various intensities. When combined together, these insights offer a comprehensive understading of your own unqiue physiology to allow you to make informed training decsions and allow you to optimise your training.

What does theCarbohydrate utilisation Testing involve?

The test involves a total of 20 minutes running or cycling as 5 x 4 minutes with the starting power / velocity determined by your current fitness and goals. If the test is combined with a VO2 max test we use the data from the VO2 max test to determine the starting power / velocity.

You will be wearing a mask that connects to a machine that continually measures your oxygen consumption and CO2 production

The aim of the test is to measure the amount of energy you are using to run at each intensity and from the data we can calculate the % of carbohydrates and fats being used. This gives a better understanding of fuelling requirements for training and racing

Additonal Options for Physiology testing at Total Endurance

Carbohydrate utilisation with Running Economy

Combine our carbohydrate utilisation testing with running economy to understand your running efficiency and fuelling requirements to ensure you are taking on sufficent carbohydrates during your training / endurance events

Carbohydrate utilisation with VO2 max testing

By combining the VO2 max with carbohyhdrate utilisation testing you will also gain a better understanding of your current fitness and areas you can work on to improve your training and racing.

Running Economy with Carbohydrate utilisation and VO2 max testing

By combining all of tests you will leave give you a comprehensive understanding of your physiology and will allow you to tailor your training based on the data to ensure you're working on any weaknesses that might inhibit  achieving your fitness goals