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At Total Endurance we offer a range of services to help you improve your running. 

Run Gait analysis and run coaching at Total Endurance

Our expert run gait analysis will spotlight key areas for improvement, supplying you with tailored exercises and drills to perfect your running form and identifying areas that are currently holding you back. 

Support with Running injuries 

Should you be dealing with an injury, our collaboration with Total Endurance Sports Therapy offers a holistic approach to your recovery. This not only treats your current ailment but also revises your running technique to avert future incidents, thereby elevating your running efficiency.

Running shoes for all runners

In our shop we stock a range of running shoes and we are committed to providing the best customer service by offering you advice to finding the correct running shoe. Our expert team employs a meticulous fitting process, considering individual gait patterns and foot mechanics, ensuring a personalised shoe recommendation for every runner.

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Running shoes fitting service with gait analysis

Physiology testing 

We offer unique and bespoke testing for all types of runners,  whether you are looking to understand your current fitness level and determining the correct training intensities to ensure you maximise your running performance. This is especially beneficial for those embarking on marathon training or who want to understand how they can improve their performances. We can identify thresholds, Running economy and efficiency and the rate of fuelling required for your targeted event.

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Run Physiology testing VO2 max

Whether you're experiencing niggles that's limiting your running, seeking to improve your running endurance, or in need looking to understand what your physiological strengths and weaknesses are, Total Endurance is your go-to destination in Aberdeen for expert guidance and support.

We are dedicated to ensuring that every runner, regardless of their level, has access to quality run advice and coaching them succeed.

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