Run Coaching

We offer a number of services which will help with improving your running. Good technique is essential if you are to run well and reduce running injury risk. Our run gait analysis (link to gait analysis) will identify areas where you can improve your technique and provide you with drills and exercises to work on the changes. If you currently have an injury then we can work closely with our colleagues in Total Endurance Sports Therapy to both treat your current injury and make changes to your technique to prevent reoccurrence and improve run efficiency.

Fitness testing will identify you current fitness and will help to identify training intensities you should be training at depending on your running goals. It will also help in identifying key strength and weaknesses and the results can be used to identify how many calories for both fat and carbohydrates you are burning at different intensities.  This key information can be used to help with intensity targets and nutritional requirements for target events.

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