Zone 3 Neoprene Swim Cap

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  • Velcro strap under chin to accommodate different head sizes compared to one-piece alternatives.
  • Allows more comfort to be achieved under chin.
  • Offers High-Visibility in the water


The neon orange warmth cap offers great thermal protection and visibility when in the water. Made from 2.5mm Super-Stretch material, the cap provides warmth while maintaining good hydrodynamics through the water.  Anyone who has experienced ‘brain-freeze’ when swimming in cold water will know how valuable triathlon skull caps can be to get you going!


The design is focused on making this cap the best fit possible and has a Velcro strap which joins under the chin to cater for different head sizes. We have found the biggest complaint from swimmers who use the one-piece caps is that they can feel ‘tight’ under the chin and have no adjustability. This design therefore helps to alleviate this problem.


Together with the Zone3 neoprene socks and gloves, these are some of the best-selling accessories and perfect for anybody swimming in cold water conditions.