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Do you struggle to find a comfortable bike saddle that doesn't make you feel like you're sitting on a knife edge? It can be a frustrating and expensive task.

Everyone has their own opinion on what saddle is the best, but what works for one person may not work for another. With so many brands, shapes, and sizes of saddles available, it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

The most common issues cyclists experience that are often caused by the saddle.

  1. Discomfort: Many people find that their bike saddle is uncomfortable, causing pain or soreness during or after a ride. This can be caused by a variety of factors, including the shape and size of the saddle, the amount of padding, and the position of the saddle on the bike.

  2. Numbness or tingling: Some riders experience numbness or tingling in their genital area or buttocks after a long ride. This can be caused by pressure on the nerves and blood vessels in the area, often due to a poorly fitting saddle.

  3. Chafing: Friction between the skin and the saddle can cause chafing, leading to painful sores or blisters. This can be exacerbated by sweat, humidity, or long rides.

  4. Saddle sores: Prolonged pressure and friction on the skin can cause saddle sores, which are painful, infected bumps or boils that can take weeks to heal.

  5. Slipping or sliding: Some riders find that their saddle slips or slides during a ride, which can be uncomfortable and affect their performance.

The most important factor when choosing a saddle is that it's personal to you. You won't know what works until you've sat on it and ridden your bike for a few miles. To help simply the process for you, we stock a range of Selle Italia and Fizik Saddles so haver a big range of different saddles for you to try, including a range of demo saddles that can be tested before committing to a particular saddle. 

Calum - Expert Saddle Advice for discomfort

Most bikes come with a cheap saddle that's often colour-matched to the bike. However, bike manufacturers know that this is one of the first things that people will want to replace so don't include a good quality bike saddle with new bikes.

We use the Selle Italia ID match system to help identify the best saddle for you based on your measurements.

The saddle fit is a three-step process:

Step 1: Measure the intertrochanteric distance to identify the width of your hips. This will determine whether you need a wider or narrower saddle. S saddles are for hip widths of 131mm-136mm, while L saddles are for hip widths of 145mm-150mm.

Selle Italia ID Match - Saddle fitting step 1

Step 2: Measure the thigh diameter to compare it to the hip width measurement from step 1. This measurement is used to suggest a narrower saddle if your thigh diameter is large relative to your hips.

Selle Italia ID Match - Saddle fitting step 2

Step 3: Determine the angle of pelvic rotation, which is the most important measurement. There are three levels of pelvic rotation: low, average, and high. Depending on these measurements, you'll receive a letter (S or L) and a number (1, 2, or 3), indicating which type of saddle is best for you.Selle Italia ID Match - Saddle fitting step 3


S1 and L1 saddles

These saddles have no central hole and are suitable for cyclists without high pelvic rotation who don't need to ease pressure.

S2 and L2

These saddles have a minimum-sized central cut and are suitable for cyclists with average pelvic rotation who experience pressure and friction while pedalling.

S3 and L3

These saddles have a large central hole and are recommended for cyclists with high pelvic rotation who develop high levels of pressure on the saddle. The S3 and L3 saddles also have versions with Superflow technology, which provides even greater comfort.

Finding the best saddle:

Once we've identified the best type of saddle for you, we'll discuss what type of riding you're planning to do. If you're riding for fitness a saddle with more padding might be a good starting point or if you're looking for a saddle that will help you in different riding scenarios, the performance range will have a saddle for you.

There are also Triathlon/TT-specific saddles and saddles that weigh less than 65g in this range.

The unique part about our saddle fitting is that every saddle comes with a 30-day comfort guarantee. We'll provide you with a saddle that we think is a good starting point, and if it doesn't provide the expected comfort, we'll swap it for another shape/design based on the discomfort you're still experiencing. 


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