Orca RS1 OW Thermal Mens Wetsuit Original

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The Orca RS1 OW Thermal has been specifically designed to keep you warm in cold water.  With the first-ever wetsuit to give a second layer to increase thermal insulation around the zip and neck area to prevent cold water flushing through the wetsuit.

Ideal wetsuit for those who regularly swim in cold water without losing flexibility within the wetsuit.

Key Features:

  • Extra warmth: In the torso, up to 5mm of Yamamoto 39 technical foam provides maximum thermal insulation where you need it most, without affecting the your position in the water or your movement. This material provides 85% more insulation than when you don't wear a wetsuit. The Thermal X high-performance inner lining retains heat more efficiently than standard Orca linings. It is also comfortable and soft to the touch.
    Yamamoto 40 neoprene: Yamamoto 40 is used in the shoulders and back together with the Infinityskin lining. This material can stretch by up to 130%, - more than double its original size - helping put more power into your swim stroke. To help the wide range of movements made by your shoulders, it offers 72% less resistance than a conventional wetsuit.
    Batwing' construction: To avoid heat loss in the back through the zip, this model features a 'Batwing' construction made from a second layer of neoprene. This layer prevents water from seeping through the suit's zip and reaching your body, keeping a layer of warm water inside. It also guarantees a comfortable, snug fit in the neck, reducing friction and the amount of water which can get into the suit through the neck area.

Wetsuit Sizing:

Wetsuit sizing is one of the hardest but most crucial parts of selecting the best wetsuit.  Getting the right sized wetsuit can be a trial-and-error process. For this reason, we advise trying on a range of different wetsuits in different sizes and different makes and models as the exact shape and size of a wetsuit can vary even between wetsuits from the same brand. Quite often the manufactures size guides don’t reflect the best size for you.

Try in-store:

If you would like to try on this wetsuit for sizing, please contact us and we can arrange a wetsuit fitting.