Zone 3 Aspect Thermal Breaststroke Womens Wetsuit

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Zone3 Aspect Thermal Women's Open Water Swimming Wetsuit Info

Zone3 Women's Aspect Swimming wetsuit has been developed in response to the high volume of open water and wild swimmers searching for a wetsuit in which they can swim breaststroke as well as front crawl.

The large majority of wetsuits on the market are only designed for surface swimming and don’t allow for the lateral leg movement required for the breaststroke technique. The Zone3 Aspect wetsuit is designed with reduced buoyancy to enable a better body position by allowing the hips/legs to remain underwater to encourage a more efficient 'breaststroke' leg position.

Utilising a mixture of Aqua-X, Smoothskin and High-Stretch Nylon panels the Aspect wetsuit is designed to allow an extended range of movement between the legs and across the chest. Aqua-X is a coating applied to the neoprene which significantly reduces drag in the water whilst also improving durability.  

A combination of glued and blindstitched seams and flatlock stitched seam construction encourages greater flexibility for the key movement areas. The Aspect thermal wetsuit is lightweight and perhaps a little easier to manage than many swimming wetsuits, particularly for putting on and taking off again.

The Aspect wetsuit is so light and flexible with minimal buoyancy - compared to the usual swimming specific wetsuits. As a result this swimming wetsuit particularly appeals to those open water swimmers who would normally swim in 'skins', the non-wetsuit swimmers, who perhaps want a little thermal protection to extend their open water swimming season or ideal for any swimmer participating in an organised open water swim event when wearing a swimming wetsuit is compulsory. 

This Zone3 Aspect wetsuit has the look and feel of a swimming specific wetsuit and fulfills the need for many breaststroke swimmers whilst also keeping the price point as affordable as possible. This latest swimming wetsuit from Zone3 adds a new Aspect to your open water swimming options.

While the materials used can not compare with many of Zone3's higher spec swimming wetsuits the Zone3 Aspect provides comfort and flexibility and is available in both Male and Female specific designs.

Zone3 Aspect Thermal Women's Open Water Swimming Wetsuit Features

  • Women's Aspect Thermal Swimming Wetsuit
  • neoprene Flex-Fit shoulder panels for flexibility.
  • neoprene legs panel for core buoyancy support.
  • Combining 2mm, 3mm &4mm neoprene panels and appropriate linings to offer a well-balanced and comfortable swim.
  • Featuring Zone3's Slimline Pro Speed Cuffs to help in removing the wetsuit.
  • Fully Glued & Blindstitched seam construction enhancing flexibility and comfort.
  • Talon Resistant Coating - a unique formula applied to the leg and side panels to improve durability and reduce customer service or warranty questions when beginners create fingernail tears by accident.
  • SpeedFlo and smoothskin coatings help to reduce drag through the water to encourage a smoother swim stroke through each phase.
  • High quality YKK downwards zipper with webbing tape puller making the suit easier to put on/off.
  • New graphics and design.
  • Eco Friendly Neoprene; utilising the latest earth mined limestone and scrap rubber tires helps to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 200g per suit. The majority of neoprene production waste is then recycled back into the suits ready for the next production, helping to minimise landfill waste.