Argon 18 Bikes

World leader in high-end bicycle design and manufacture

Argon 18 TDF 2017

As one of the top performance bicycle manufacturers in the world, Argon 18 offer products of impeccable quality for the highest echelon of our sport. 

By facing challenges head-on, constantly pushing limits and utilising cutting-edge technology they allow cyclists and triathletes across the world to reach their highest level. 

Argon 18 was founded in 1989 by now-retired pro road racer and Olympian Gervais Rioux. With accolades of over 1500 race starts and 150 wins, this sport passion is the foundation of Argon 18. From Gervais’ humble beginnings in a boutique Montreal bike shop, their main focus was, and remains, to design and build the best bikes in the world and have them race at the highest levels in cycling and triathlon.

Fabio Aru in yellow on his custom Gallium Pro during the 2017 TDF

Argon 18 Fabio Aru TDF 2017

Argon 18 continue to race and win with the worlds top athletes to push developments and always be at the cutting edge of bicycle design, thier performance machines are raced at the top of each discipline they are designed for:

With stage wins from Astana on the Gallium Pro and Nitrogen Pro in the 2017 Tour de France, Giro d'Italia and overall victory in the Cirterium du Dauphine proving their design prowess, as well as dominating the Kazakstan National Time Trial on the E-118.

The Danish National Track cycling team push the Electron Pro to its limit.

101 Argon 18 Triathlon bikes could be found at the 2016 Ironman Kona World Championships, being raced by a number of top flight athletes.

From the fork to the seat stays, every aspect of Argon 18 bikes are designed in line with their flagship technologies that make them one of the best in the world.

Astana Pro Team at the start of their succesful 2017 season: 

Argon 18 aero testing in the wind tunnel

Argon 18 Bikes Wind Tunnel Testing

Official sponsor of Astana Pro Team, USA Jelly Belly Cycling, Danish National Track Cycling Team and Triathletes: Terenzo Bozzone, Leon Griffin, Ivan Rana and Magali Tisseyre