Wetsuit Hire

We offer wetsuit hire for weekend, a week hire, month hire, or a full season hire.

Our season hire option allows you to swim in the wetsuit all year and then you have can either return or keep the suit.

Are the Wetsuits new?

All of our season hire wetsuits are brand new and you can select any suit to hire for the season.  The price you pay is proportional to the level of wetsuit that you choose to hire.

What’s the difference between a Swimming / Triathlon wetsuit and sailing / surfing wetsuits?

Triathlon / Swimming Wetsuits are as their name suggests, designed for swimming.  Their flexibility around the arms offer much more freedom than a surfing wetsuit.  Sailing / Surfing wetsuits are often much thicker and made with less stretchy neoprene making them much more difficult to swim in.

Sailing / Surfing wetsuits are usually not as tight fitting as the suits designed for swimming.  This can often lead to being colder in open water as the suit will constantly let water in through the neck and wrist.

A Swimming / Triathlon wetsuit is designed to be a very tight fight, almost like a second skin.  This allows the suit to trap a thin layer of water between the neoprene and you body which is quickly heated up once you are in the water.

Often those new to open water swimming will feel their wetsuit is too tight when fitting a wetsuit.  This often leads to opting for the next size up and experiencing the above issues of being cold in the water.  Any tightness will immediately disappear as soon as you enter the water.

If the wetsuit feels comfortable out of the water, its highly likely the suit isn’t the correct size.  The size guides for each manufacturer varies and should only be used as a guide, we always recommend trying a wetsuit on before hiring / purchasing any wetsuit. 

If you are unsure of which suit type or size you need, please contact us and we would be more than happy to help you.

Why do you ask for a deposit?

In order to protect ourselves for short term hires (Day / Week / Month) we require a £95 deposit on top of the hire cost.

For season hires, you will pay 50% of the wetsuit cost to hire the wetsuit and the remaining 50% as a deposit that is fully refundable when the suit is returned clean and undamaged.

This allows you to opt to keep the wetsuit at the end of the season for no additional charge.  Over 90% of season hires opt to keep the suit at the end of the season. If you continue to look after the suit it will allow you to use it for many years thereafter.

Or, you can hand the suit back at the end of the season and we will refund your deposit and you can easily repeat this process for the following season and get a brand-new suit.

If you have any questions about our Wetsuit Hire options just get in touch.

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