Wetsuit Hire

Swimming Wetsuit hire

We offer wetsuit hire for weekend, a week hire, month hire, or a full season hire.

Our season hire option allows you to swim in the wetsuit all year and then you have can either return or keep the suit.

Are the Wetsuits new?

All of our season hire wetsuits are brand new and you can select any suit to hire for the season.  The price you pay is proportional to the level of wetsuit that you choose to hire.


In order to protect ourselves for short term hires (Day / Week / Month) we require a £95 deposit on top of the hire cost.

For season hires you pay the full cost of the wetsuit at the start of the season but have the option to return the wetsuit at the end of the season and get 30% of the wetsuit back or you can keep the wetsuit at the end of the season allowing you to keep the wetsuit no additional charge. 

Over 90% of season hires opt to keep the suit at the end of the season. If you continue to look after the suit it will allow you to use it for many years thereafter.

If you have any questions about our Wetsuit Hire options just get in touch.