Bike Fitting

Increase comfort with a bike fit

Enhance your performance and comfort with a proper bike fit

A proper bike fit is essential for optimising your performance nd ensuring maximum comfort while cycling. Our bike-fitting service involves a mixture of video analysis of you pedalling on your bike and using our 20+ years of bike fitting experiance and making adjustments to your bike to find the optimal position to match your body's biomechanics and riding style and cycling goals.

Optimise your riding position for improved power and efficiency

Reduce the risk of discomfort, pain and injuries

Improve bike handling

Finally got around to booking a bike fit at Total Endurance, great service, Ken is very knowledgable and quickly found the sweet spot for me on two bikes, in one case some large changes which surprised me as I'd been riding that for several years. Took that one out for a spin today and did a couple of personal bests which tells me the changes were positive.
Great value for money, strongly recommend.
- Andrew, Aberdeen

I came here for a bike fitting. Ken was incredibly patient and knowledgeable, providing a very thorough and expert fitting. I'm glad I decided to invest in this service and would absolutely recommend this to others.

- Tom, Aberdeen


They sell bikes! And I am very happy with my new bike. I'm so glad i popped in for a look. The bike fitting was a really interesting process, and there's no arguing about the results, a real world difference! Great service so far from a lovely bunch of people. It feels good supporting a local company, it's certainly been worth it. I'd have absolutely no hesitation in recommending these guys to anyone!

- Kevin, Rothienorman

Say good-bye to those aches and pains

Our expert bike fitter, Ken will work with you to make the necessary adjustments to your bike position to ensure maximum comfort based on your cycling experiance and cycling goals.

During the bike fit we look at all aspects of your position, including cleat set up.

Some benefits of undertaking a bike fit include:

  • Enhancing overall rider comfort
  • Preventing injuries
  • Diagnosing saddle discomfort
  • Reducing or eliminating pain and numbness
  • Reducing or eliminating discomfort associated with riding
  • Reducing rider fatigue by enhancing efficiency
  • Improving overall performance on the bike


The bike fit process

The Process starts with a chat with our bike fitter about your cycling experiance, goals and current issues you are experiancing.

The first step is checking the position of your cleats and adjust as required.  

Once we have positioned the cleats in the correct position we get you on your bike and capture some video as you pedal. We then use software to measure the key angles of the ankle, knee, hip and shoulder. From here we make adjustments and track changes until we get you into the best position for you. During this process we disucss with you the reason for each change and if any abnormalities.

Shoe Fitting - £25

Getting the correct sized cycling shoe is one of the most important aspects for cycling comofrt as shoes that are not correctly sized can lead to a range of issues including shin pain, achilles issues as well a bigger problems like knee and hip pain.

We stock a range of cycling shoes from brands such as Fizik and Lake. We offer a shoe sizing service where we will measure your foot length and width and can advise on different cycling shoe options based on your needs and budget.

The price of the shoe ftting is free if you purchase a shoe from us. All cycling shoes purchased from us include a free cleat fitting.

Saddle Fitting

One of the most common complaints of discomfort for cyclists is saddle discomfort.

We offer a saddle fitting service which includes a few anatomical measurements to identify the length, width and shape of saddle that is less likely to cause you discomfort.

We also have a range of test saddles that you can ride for a couple of weeks and ensure the saddle is right for you before commiting to a particular saddle


Bike sizing

If you don't currently have a bike and are unsure of the optimal sizing or unsure of the most suitable bike for you, we offer a sizing service where we can help you determine the correct bike geometry and components to ensure you start with the right sized bike rather than trying to fit you to a bike that isn't the optimal size for you.

As a retailler for brands such as Argon 18, BMC, Cervelo and Ridley we can also provide options that meet your needs and budget.

Book Bike sizing

New Bike consultation

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Looking for a gift for the cyclist in your life?

You can purchase a gift voucher for both a Road or TT / Tri bike fitting by clicking the link below.

The person recieving the voucher can then contact us to book the bike fit at their convenince.

Gift Card - Total Endurance Aberdeen

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bike fit?

A bike fit is the process of adjusting the bike's components to achieve the most comfortable and efficient position for the rider based on their unique physiology and cycling goals.

What are the benfits of getting a bike fit?

Ulimately its about improving comfort on the bike and ensuring the bike is set up for you, this not only increase comfort but also reduces injury risk, improves safety through better bike handling but will usually help you increase your power output.

What does a bike fitting consis

The bikefit process involves a discussion about the rider's current position, any problems or injuries they have been having, and a check on their biomechanics and flexibility. The process also includes checking the cleat position on the rider's shoes, taking short videos with Dartfish software to measure ankle, knee, hip, and shoulder angles, and making adjustments to components such as saddle angle, height, and fore/aft position, handlebar width, height, reach, and angle, and knee tracking.

Can i purchase a bike fit as a gift?

Of course, you can click the link above to purchase a gift voucher online of if you'd prefer a physical voucher to give to someone you can either call the shop (01224 900500) and we can post something out to you or if easier just drop in and we can arrange for you.