Bike Fitting


Our Dynamic Bikefit will put you into the most comfortable and efficient position on your bike (road, time trial or triathlon) taking into account your unique physiology, flexibility and cycling goals.  We can also advise on the most suitable bike / size to suit your personal characteristics and ambitions.  Bike fitness testing and technique analysis can identify the correct power or heart rate for specific bike training sessions and can identify any flaws in your cycling technique 
Some benefits of undertaking a bike fit include:
  • Enhancing overall rider comfort
  • Preventing injuries
  • Diagnosing saddle discomfort
  • Reducing or eliminating pain and numbness
  • Reducing or eliminating discomfort associated with riding
  • Reducing rider fatigue by enhancing efficiency
  • Improving overall performance on the bike


The 3 sides of the bikefit triangle are aerodynamics, Comfort or Sustainability and Power. Your optimal position will be a combination of these 3 factors depending on your personal attributes and goals. If you are a track pursuiter whose competitive event lasts less than 5 minutes then power and aerodynamics dominate. If you ride long distance sportives or compete in Ironman Triathon then comfort and sustainability become much more important. The final, optimal position also depends on a whole bunch of personal factors. Age, experience, injury history, flexibility, leg length, torso length, arm length, etc. All of these have to be taken into account while obtaining the best fit on your bike.
We use modern technology and over 20 years of experience to find your optimum position.  The system we use is called Dartfish.  We use a high speed, low distortion camera to video you when you are riding, then use the software to measure your joint angles and positions and to track the track linear movements.  This has advantages over more traditional, static methods because it allows us to take your individual biomechanics and pedalling style into account and we can track how your knees, ankles and hips actually move while you are pedalling. We use the measurements from the software in conjunction with all the personal factors and your feedback to identify and position you in the best possible position in an iterative process.
Bikefit is not just a one off process, we will make additional changes and adjustments based on your feedback once you have had an opportunity to do a few short rides and adapt to your new position.   After the fit you will receive a report detailing the changes made, the original and new measurements of your bike and a link to allow you to view your videos and all measurements taken.



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