Aqua Jogging - Underwater Treadmill

Aqua jogging - underwater treadmill

Our endless poll is equipped with an underwater treadmill that can help athletes at all levels get back to running sooner. 

Often runners will cross-train or use a floatation device in the swimming pool to stay active.  With our underwater treadmill you get the same benefits as aqua jogging with a floatation belt while also keeping the proprioceptive muscles of the foot and lower leg to allow the runner to build up run volume quicker without the risk of further injury and often allowing the runner to get back to running faster and with improved fitness than other cross-training benefits.

Myles underwater treadmill


You don’t have to wait until you’re injured to include aqua jogging in your training.

This form of training is a great way for healthy runners to cross-train, as it can help prevent injuries while still improving your cardiovascular fitness and helping you work on improving run form.

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