Technique analysis at Total Endurance

Improve your Technique

Reduce injury risk, improve effiicency and unlock your potential with our range of technique analysis services.

Become a faster, more efficient swimmer

Our Swim video analysis provdes swimmers and triathletes valuable insights into their technique and with out experianced coaches we can use the video to help identify areas for improvement.

Our endless pool allows us to capture underwater video from a range of angles and we offer a comprensive analysis that simplifies what you need to do, to become a faster and more efficient swimmer.

Maximise comfort and improve performance with an expert bike-fitting  

A correctly fitted bike is essential to maximise your comfort while cycling. We have been helping cyclists ensure the correct bike position for over 20 years and we work with you to ensure the bike is correctly set up for your needs and unique biomechanics.

Improve your Running Technique with Run Biomechanical Analysis  

Our Biomechanical analysis service is designed to help you enhance your running technique and prevent injuries. By analysing your running form, our experianced coaches can identify any inefficiencies or imbalances in your gait and provide personalised recommendations to optimise your performance. Whether you're a beginner or an experianced runn , our run analysis can you run more efficiently and achieve your running goals.

Initial consultation and Assessment

Before the session, our experianced coaches will disucss your running goalsand speciifc issues you've been having and explain the analysis process.

Video Analysis and Biomechanical Assessment

We use video analysis and capture your running biomehcanics using running pods fixed to your shoes and sacrum which gives us a range of insight into the key areas you can improve with your running form.

Running Economy and Fuelling

Alongside the biomechancial analysis you can also add additonal testing such as VO2 max, Running Ecoonomy and Fats/Carbohydrate utilisation

Total Endurance Sports Therapy

Expert Injury diagnosis

Our highly skilled physiotherapists are trained to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions and injuries, including low back pain, knee pain, pulled muscles, strains, tendon issues and more. Whether you’re a professional athlete, an active individual or just someone looking to resolve an ongoing injury, we have the expertise to help you recover, rehabilitate, and reach your full potential.

Sport Specific Assessments

Our Perfromance enhancement screenings are performed by our expert physiotherapists. Whether you're a runner, a football player, or engage in various sports, our objective is the same: to identify and resolve potential issues before they turn into significant injuries, ensuring you perform at your best.

Expert Strength and conditioning recomendations

Our pysiotherapist is qualified Strength and conditioning specialist and has a keen intrest in athlete development, injury preventtion and sports performance enhancement. He can offer expert advice and prescribe progressive training to build strength to reduce injury risk and improve performance


What types of analysis can i do?

We offer swim technique analysis, Bike fitting alongside our biomechanical analysis. With our partners at Total Endurance Sports therapy we also offer a range of sports specific screenings that can help identify potential injury risk and assess functional movement relevant to your sport and general well being.

Who would benefit from Technique analysis?

All of our services are suitbale for all levels of athletes, our goal is to help you improve regardless of your current ability. Our analysis services are often the best place to start before you begin increasing your training load so that you avoid setbacks with injury and ensure you are getting the best use of your available training time.

How long does the analysis sessions take?

The duration of the analysis session can vary depending on which one you are looking to do. Most of them take around 1 hour from you arriving to everything being completed

Will i get access to the videos / data following the session?

Yes, all of our analysis services follow with copies of what we find. Depending on the service you will get a personalised report with llinks to the videos and / or a copy of the video with auido analysis highlighting all the key aspects you can work on to improve your technique.

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