Road Bike Fitting

"Had a dynamic bike fit and Ken was really helpful with finding an improved position on the Bike, hopefully look forward to seeing some positive changes!"

Greig Douglas

29 May 2018

"1st time at total endurance. I had a bike fit and ken was superb! The bike fit was in a lot of detail and you could tell ken knew what he was talking about and works with you to provide the best. Also after the bike fit they will tweak anything you need after.
There was a few issues with my bike which Johnny sorted out for me and he was 1st class.

Thanks again

Scott Donald

12 Jan 2018

"Ad illum putant quo, porro ridens pro ex. Officiis insolens gubergren eam at, mei ut nobis verear quaestio. Sea accusam scaevola an. Ne delicata facilisis nec. Veri clita disputando ne vix, ei nullam eleifend, ne eum nonumy epicurei,ne eum nonumy epicurei."

Betty Rivera

15 SEP 2017, 14:42

Our Road Bike fitting service caters for all levels of cyclists and our goal is to optimise your position on your road bike.

Bike fitting is different from bike sizing. Bike sizing is the process of taking an individuals measurements and applying them to match a rider to the correctly sized bike frame. If you are planning to buy a new bike we would recommend getting in touch and we can advise the most appropriate frame size based on your individual measurements.

See our bike sizing service

Once you've got the ideal bike frame size, the process of fitting you to the bike correctly can begin. A bike fit comes down to adjusting the connection points between the cyclist and the bicycle and making adjustments to these positions to find the individuals ideal bike set up.

It should be noted that even if your bike is not the correct size, we can still get you into a comfortable position. that being said, we would recommend starting with getting the correct sized bike.

We all have different requirements when it comes to the 'optimal' position on a bike and our goal is to determine the optimal position based on a variety of factors: Age, Riding experience, cycling goals, Injury history, Leg Length, torso length, arm length etc.


We take into account all of the above factors when trying to obtain the best position for you.  

There are 3 key connection points we address when setting up you bike, Saddle position, Cleat set up, handlebar position. All of which are readily adjustable on the bike and each connection point plays a key factor in finding the best position for you on your bike.

When you arrive for your appointment we will start by asking you a few questions relating to your riding to build up a picture of the type of bike position you are looking for.  

At the start of the fit we will measure up your bike so we have a start point and can usually identify where problems can be occurring at this stage. After measuring the bike, we will get you on the bike and find your normal riding position. Once you've warmed up we will record some video of you from the side to allow us to look in slow motion of exactly what is happening as you ride.

We then use video analysis software to measure your joint angles and positions and to track the track linear movements. This has advantages over more traditional, static methods because it allows us to take your individual biomechanics and pedalling style into account and we can track how your knees, ankles and hips actually move while you are pedalling.

We use the measurements from the software in conjunction with all the personal factors, your feedback and our 20+ years of bike fitting to identify and position you in the best possible position.

Throughout every stage of the fitting process we will explain what changes are needed and what impact they will make to your cycling. Although, you'll usually be able to feel them instantly yourself. Once we have the main bike set up complete we will usually make a few minor adjustments to fine tune the position until we are in agreement that the position feels right for you.

How long does it take?

The bike fitting will usually take between 75 - 90 minutes depending on the amount of adjustments required.

How long does it take?

Our road bike fit costs £130 and includes a detailed written report of your fit and any recommendations.

Do i need to do a follow up fit?

Generally there is no requirement to have a follow up fit unless you continue to experience discomfort and we will look to adjust the position further to sort out the problems

Where do the Road bike fits take place?

We carry out the bike fits in our fitting room in Bucksburn, Aberdeen.

When can i have my bike fitted?

Bike fits need to be booked in advance and we will try to accommodate around what works best for you.  

How do i book an appointment?

You can email, call the shop 01224 900500 or complete the form below and we will get back to you.

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