Swim Stroke Analysis

If you're looking to improve your swimming, a swim video analysis is a great way to understand how you can develop your technique to swim faster and more efficiently.

Swim Video Analysis

We start with a discussion around your current perceptions of your swimming and identify what your goals are.  We then allow you to warm up in the and gradually build the speed to a hard but sustainable pace. 

Once we have reached the optimal pace, we record video from above and below the water from a range of angles and then begin working on on the biggest things holding you back.  We spend about an hour doing corrective work and recording videos at each stage to compare how the technique is changing. 

Following the session in the pool, we review the videos and chat through the key things to begin focusing on during your swim training to allow you to make the changes to your technique and develop the ability to sustain the stroke. 

After your swim analysis you will receive a full report with access to your videos with key positions highlighted and recommendations for drills to further improve your swim technique, efficiency and speed.

The swim video analysis is available for all levels of swimmers and improvements are often seen instantaneously although on-going work is required to make lasting changes to your swimming.

Get in touch if you have any questions about our Swim Video Analysis Sessions. 


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Swim Video Analysis:


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