Zone 3 Aspire Mens Wetsuit

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***Please contact us if you would like to order this wetsuit to try in-store***

Wetsuit Sizing:

Wetsuit sizing is one of the hardest but most crucial parts of selecting the best wetsuit.  Getting the right sized wetsuit can be a trial-and-error process. For this reason, we advise trying on a range of different wetsuits in different sizes and different makes and models as the exact shape and size of a wetsuit can vary even between wetsuits from the same brand. Quite often the manufactures size guides don’t reflect the best size for you.

Try in-store:

If you would like to try on this wetsuit for sizing, please contact us and we can arrange a wetsuit fitting in our shop in Aberdeen.



Since its launch in 2008, the Aspire has been one of the highest rated and most loved wetsuits on the market.


Great for beginners and pros alike, it’s the best-selling mid-range wetsuit offering unbelievable performance and at a competitive price point.


The focus for the 2022 version was to increase comfort, flexibility and feel even further.


Key Info


  • NEW X-10 SHOULDER PANEL DESIGN with #40 SCS 1mm SCS nano.


  • NEW SILK-X LINING as found on the Vanquish for improved comfort and transitions.


  • NEW COOL-SPOT FOREARM PANELS for improved feel and catch in the water.


  • 100% YAMAMOTO PREMIUM MATERIALS for comfort and flexibility.


  • R.E BODY ROTATION ENHANCEMENT on the chest to improve distance per stroke.


  • MEN’S FEATURING 5MM BODY PANELS with Aerodome hip support Women’s featuring a neutral buoyancy profile.


  • NEW DOUBLE SIDED SCS COLLAR construction for improved comfort.