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Cleat fitting at Total Endurance

Common Cleat position issues:

Knee Pain: Misaligned cleats can cause improper tracking of the knee joint, leading to pain and discomfort.

Foot Numbness and Tingling: Incorrect cleat positioning can put excessive pressure on certain areas of the foot, leading to numbness or a tingling sensation.

Lower Back Pain: Poor cleat alignment can alter your cycling posture, putting strain on your lower back muscles.

Hip Pain: Misalignment can lead to improper hip movement, causing pain and discomfort in the hip region.

Achilles Tendonitis: Cleats that are positioned too far forward or backward can strain the Achilles tendon.

Reduced Power Transfer: Incorrectly positioned cleats can affect the angle and efficiency of your pedalling motion.

Chafing and Blisters: Poor cleat positioning can cause excessive movement of the foot within the shoe, leading to chafing and blisters.

Why get a cleat fit?

Ensuring your cleats are set up correctly can reduce the likelihood of experiencing discomfort while cycling.  The cleat fitting takes in to account differences between your foot length, width and for arch which allows the cleats to be set up in the correct position for each foot. 

Precision cleat fitting

Pricing and Booking

The cost for a Cleat Fitting session is £25 and takes approximately 20 minutes. 

We can set the cleats on your current cycling shoes or we also offer a cycling shoe sizing service and we stock a range of Lake and Fizik cycling shoes 

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