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Our bike fitting studio in Bucksburn, Aberdeen is equipped with everything needed to optimise your position on your bike.

We use video analysis for our all of our bike fits which allows us to track your bio-mechanics as you pedal. Traditional methods of bike fitting often measure angles of you in static positions, this can cause a number of inaccuracies and isn't a true reflection of how you ride your bike.

With the video we can look at each frame and measure the angles of your hip, knee, ankle and foot through the complete pedal stroke. We can gather huge amounts of information within only a short video.

Using the video and our vast experience of over 25 years of Bike fitting and a wealth of knowledge of cycling we will work with you to get you to comfortable on the bike no matter what your experience and goals are. 

Some benefits of undertaking a bike fit include:

  • Enhancing overall rider comfort
  • Preventing injuries
  • Diagnosing saddle discomfort
  • Reducing or eliminating pain and numbness
  • Reducing or eliminating discomfort associated with riding
  • Reducing rider fatigue by enhancing efficiency
  • Improving overall performance on the bike


The 3 sides of the bikefit triangle are aerodynamics, Comfort or Sustainability and Power. Your optimal position will be a combination of these 3 factors depending on your personal attributes and goals. If you are a track pursuiter whose competitive event lasts less than 5 minutes then power and aerodynamics dominate. If you ride long distance sportives or compete in Ironman Triathon then comfort and sustainability become much more important.The final, optimal position also depends on a whole bunch of personal factors. Age, experience, injury history, flexibility, leg length, torso length, arm length, etc. All of these have to be taken into account while obtaining the best fit on your bike.


Bikefit is not just a one off process, we will make additional changes and adjustments based on your feedback once you have had an opportunity to do a few short rides and adapt to your new position.