Ridley Helium Road Bike

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  • Purchasing a bike should never be impulsive. Our expert team is here to ensure you make well-informed decisions by discussing various options tailored to your preferences and cycling goals.


Ridley has its very own configurator so you can get your very own custom-coloured bike. How does it work?

  1. Follow the link below to build your dream bike 
  2. Chose your desired bike, componentry, color and save your code
  3. Pop in-store to get sized up and to purchase your bike
  4. 6 week wait while we wait for your dream bike to be built
  5. Back in-store to get a free full dynamic bike fit 
  6. Ride!

Free Dynamic Bike Fit 

A bike fit is a essential for all cyclists, regardless of skill level or goals.

The Total Endurance Bike Fit encompasses aerodynamics, power output, and comfort, with the ideal mix varying depending on one's cycling aims.

During the fitting process, we use a combination of science, technology, rider feedback, and over 25 years of bike fitting experience to achieve the most efficient and comfortable position on the bike.

Personal biomechanics and goals are also taken into account, with improvements such as increased comfort, handling, power output, reduced injury risk, and reduced pain and numbness being some of the benefits of a bike fit.

You don't have to be an elite bike rider to benefit hugely from having the best possible position on your bike. We use a mixture for science and technology, rider feedback and 25+ years of experience to put you into the most comfortable and efficient position on your bike, taking into account your unique physiology, flexibility and cycling goals.

There is no "one size fits all" as we are all different shapes and sizes with differing amounts of flexibility and different aims and goals.  During your bikefit we work with you to achieve the optimum fit for you..

About Helium Disc

The Helium Disc performance road bike contains all the unprecedented cycling qualities and superb technology that go into the top-of-the-line Helium SLX Disc, but with a much lower price tag.

The Helium Disc road bike incorporates the unique oval tube shape which perfectly balances stiffness, weight and comfort. In addition, all cables are fully integrated in the Helium thanks to the F-Steerer technology. This gives it a clean look that's maintenance-free.

What you'll feel is how light, reactive, stiff and comfortable it is to ride - from first to last pedal stroke. What you won't feel is that extra 120 grams on the frame (as it's made of Essential Carbon) which allows it to be much more affordable than its big brother, the SLX.


Helium tubing

The Helium has classic round tubes... Wrong! It has a slightly ovalized tube profile that perfectly balances stiffness, comfort and weight.

Comfort seatstays

Ridley developed seatstays using oval tubes. The result is maximized comfort and perfected power transfer!


Thanks to a D-shaped steerer tube, we can fully integrate all cables. A huge aerodynamic advantage that looks so sleek!

Women-specific Bikes

Geometries based on gender are outdated. Everyone is unique! Ridley recommends bike-fitting and a custom build with our Ridley Configurator.

Ridley Essential Carbon

The Essential Series of Ridley bikes uses exceptional carbon by Toray, taking key features of the Elite Series to a more affordable level.