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Want to become a faster and more efficient swimmer?

We can help you become both with a Swim Video Analysis Session in our Elite Endless Pool at our centre in Aberdeen.

Swim Coaching Aberdeen - Endless Pool

Using underwater cameras we can observe your stroke from above and below the surface of the water and identify areas that you can improve.

  • Do you feel out of breath when swimming?
  • Frustrated that you can't seem to get faster no matter what you try?
  • Struggle to swim more than 1 length without being exhausted?

Whether you are a complete beginner or a competitive swimmer or Triathlete we can help you improve your swimming.

The session lasts ~90 minutes and includes videos from all angles of your swimming stroke.  Following the session you will receive a report based on the analysis with links to your swim videos and key positions identified and corrective technique drills and focus points to allow you to work on.

We can also carry out swim analysis sessions for groups or clubs.  Email info@total-endurance.co.uk for more information.