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At the core of VOOM NUTRITION is sports science, personal experience and good old northern grit.

They have a dedicated team with two things in common; an addiction to the outdoors and a dedication to creating sports nutrition products that taste good and do good.

We’ve all tried many different ways to fuel our training and racing. While there were some good products out there, something was still missing. Instead of moaning about it, Voom nutrition decided to do something about it.

The ultimate test for the VOOM team: would they use them? They have taken their expertise from working in product development, mixed the best bits together and rolled them into an awesome product range. They aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel, but they want products that are functional, portable, easy to eat and stomach-friendly, and they obviously have to taste good! Everything we have been personally looking for, but had struggled to find.


Voom nutrition range required a lot of testing, numerous trips to the local producers and countless times going back to the drawing board. Luckily, at the VOOM Office, the Lake District fells out of one window and the Yorkshire Dales out the other. Safe to say they have the perfect testing playground right on their doorstep. Some call it research, some call it a great excuse to be outside!

All Voom products have carefully balanced formulas, based on strong scientific research. Each product has a specific use within training or racing and together offer a complete sports nutrition strategy, all in a handy, convenient and tasty packages.

VOOM products are for anyone who wants to be confident that the fuel they put into their body will help maximize their performance. They set out to find a sports nutrition product that they would be proud of, happy to share with friends and would use personally. It wasn’t easy and there were a few hills to climb along the way, but we got there in the end.

VOOM. Do your best, better.