Zone 3 Elastic Laces

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Every second counts in the transition zone. Zone3's Elastic Shoe will help you cut down your transition time dramatically with their simple design. Made from heavy-duty elastic all you have to do is replace your regular laces with these elastic cords, use the stainless steel sprung cord stopper, tie off the end and those ever-difficult to come by transition seconds are yours. The lace ends are shrink-wrapped to prevent fraying and the laces have a reflective weave for when the sun goes down. The laces are strong enough to adjust to any desired tension and durable enough for a season's hard use through any conditions. The laces are also UV and moisture resistant. The stainless steel spring will not rust and seize up either.


  • Heavy-duty elastic cord
  • Reinforced stainless steel spring cord stopper
  • Shrink wrapped lace ends
  • UV and moisture resistant
  • Reflective weave