Don't Stop Now!!

Don't Stop Now!!

I went out for a run this morning, went off road to try to avoid the ice and ended up ankle deep in a bog.

The last 9 months have been challenging for all of us and if you have managed to keep up your training and exercise through that time, well done!  We are now back in lockdown and it is dark, cold and icy or wet and windy outside. At least in lockdown 1 the weather was good so it was a bit easier to get outside for some exercise.

If you have got this far and maintained your fitness, keep going, If you have taken a break, get going! But do it safely. It can be tempting to take a break until everything improves, including the weather but don't loose all that hard earned fitness.

Moderate exercise boosts you immune system, while over training suppresses it, leaving you more susceptible to infections so don't overdo it, but keep doing it.

Set yourself some short term goals, they don't have to be to smash out a 10km PB, they can be as simple as to do a minimum of 30 minutes training 5 days a week, do 2 core strength sessions per week, or to stretch more regularly. Anything that will help to maintain your training programme and make you a better athlete.  Write them down and pin them up somewhere so that you see them regularly.  It can be a struggle to get out the door or on the turbo for a session but I guarantee that you will feel better afterwards and have the satisfaction of knowing that you are a long way ahead of somebody who stayed on the sofa.

Remember the principle of reversibility, use it or loose it! 

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