Run Scribe

Run Scribe

Over the last few months we have been learning about a new analysis system.  We will be introducing run gait analysis using Run Scribe as soon as we are allowed to reopen.

RunScribe gives us a comprehensive range of metrics measured during your run

Stride rate
Ground contact time
Footstrike type
Landing force and braking effect
Pronation angle and velocity
Flight ratio
Pelvic tilt, drop and rotation

We will also video your run from both sides, in front and behind so that we can build up a full picture of your running.

We will give you time to warm up, then ask you to run for a few minutes at 3 different paces as we collect data and video. We may also ask you to perform some balance and strength exercises.  From this point the process is very flexible depending on what we have seen to date, but it is likely that we will ask you to practise the corrective run drills and/or exercises which we feel will give most benefit for your running.

Following your session we will send you a report which details all the stages of the analysis and gives you details of the running drills and exercises we have discussed during the session.

There are 2 options for run gait analysis depending on whether you mainly want to improve run performance or reduce injury risk/recover from an existing injury, and if you want we can combine both into a single session.

Run Gait Analysis for Performance - These sessions are designed to help identify how you can make adjustments to your run technique to help you run faster, become more economical and improve overall running performance.

Run Analysis for Injury Prevention / Rehab - These sessions are carried out by a Sports Therapist who can gain a better insight to what's causing any running injury and identify how to improve your run technique to allow you to progress to running pain free.  They may be undertaken as part of a more in depth assessment or as a stand alone session.